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The Carnac Alignments

During my quick trip to Brest, I squeezed in a visit to the Carnac alignments – France’s equivalent to Stone Henge. Pictured is just one of the alignments, where rows of stones have been lined up from tallest to shortest.

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The other cool stuff – road trip roundup #7

I’ve been meaning to write about a few final places from my summer road trip which simply can’t be missed, or that at least deserve some comment. First of all, Lascaux II. If you’ve ever seen a prehistoric cave painting,

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La Roque St Christophe — road trip roundup #5

One of the most amazing marriages between nature and humanity is la Roque Saint Christophe: Europe’s largest and oldest cave dwelling site. As uninteresting as a long, shallow dent in a rock sounds, la Roque Saint Christophe is actually really

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