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Skier trapped in hole?

“Someone help that skier! He’s fallen down a hole!” These are words you won’t hear at the Grand Laquais drag lift in La Clusaz. See, a few weeks ago, we had so much snow in the Aravis that the lift

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Back to France

For anyone considering a move to La Clusaz, please note that these foods are not available when dining out: Chinese Mexican Greek Indian Japanese British fat chips (from a fish’n’chips shop) basically, anything else that doesn’t revolve around cheese, potatoes

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Chairlift queues

Why is it that we lose our common sense when it comes to chairlift queues? A while ago, I was amazed at a single-file queue for a drag lift in La Clusaz and I got some interesting comments about queue

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Queueing in France

As much as the Brits are known for queueing, other European cultures are known for anti-queueing. I grew up in Australia where we seemed to find a happy medium. At the bus stop, you just hang around, and when a

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