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Notre Dame du Haut – a designer church

What you’re looking at is a chapel designed by Franco-Swiss designer Le Corbusier. Standing on a hill in Ronchamp, Notre Dame du Haut was finished in 1954, replacing a chapel that had been destroyed during the Second World War. The

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Chapelle de Gotty – also a bus stop

Between the main village of La Clusaz and the l’Etale area lies the Chapelle de Gotty. This pretty little chapel is far more accessible than the previous chapel, I wrote about, the well-hidden Chapelle du Parc, because it’s on a

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The hidden chapel of La Clusaz

Situated at the entrance of La Clusaz is something I didn’t notice for more than three years — a chapel. You might wonder how someone can miss a bright blue building, and the Chapelle du Parc, built in 1631, is

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Trees carved into figures where they once stood

Something that appeared in La Clusaz in recent years is this cluster of four statues carved out of wood. What makes these special is that they’ve been carved where the original trees grew. Their roots are still in the ground.

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