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The joy of the lunch voucher (chèque déjeuner)

French lunch cheque information

At a job interview, I asked about employee benefits. “Optional health insurance, flexibility, etc. etc. Oh and restaurant vouchers.” Having never been employed by a French business before, this benefit was a new one for me. I’d seen people handing

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French-style doggy bags – yum yum!

Lately, doggy bags have made French news. There’s a push to prevent food wastage, and to allow people to take the rest of their meals home with them. Restaurants in France are now legally obliged to provide doggy bags. When

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Possibly the best refuge in Haute Savoie!

Why have I posted this gorgeous photo of a baby goat? She was one of the lovely surprises that greeted us at Le Ferme des Vônezins refuge near Thônes when a group of us went there in March. If you’re

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Eating at a refuge

This is part two of three posts about how to annoy the locals merely by giving them your custom. As you may recall, my friend, Elodie, celebrated her birthday last week, and she started the evening with an apero in

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Asian food in Annecy

Just a few summers ago, the few Chinese restaurants in Annecy served less than authentic food, including omelettes and stir-fries using tasteless, pre-cut, frozen vegetables. Some were called ‘Asiastique’ restaurants, serving everything from Thai to Japanese — the authenticity watered

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Important changes in Annecy

I was down in Annecy with a friend last night for a movie and a meal. We decided to eat at the little-known Mediterranean gem just outside of town, but when we got there, it was gone. Their food was

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When translation goes wrong

If you can shed any light on some of these dishes, I’d be grateful. I started off looking at the “Salad and Starters” section. “Salad of goat” takes the number one spot on the menu. I’m picturing a goat’s head

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