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Confusing road signs

French roadwork sign La Clusaz

Some road work was done at the end of my street here in Saint Jean de Sixt a few weeks ago. Luckily, the French road workers put up some signs to help the locals with the diversion. Go left or

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Unsafe road safety in France

Just in case it wasn’t obvious that there’s some roadwork going on, here’s some overkill. This cluster of road signs is right here in Saint Jean de Sixt. It starts with a roadworks sign, then a ‘circulation alternée‘ (changed traffic

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What a difference a day makes

The French Alps have had a slow start to the ski season, with Christmas holiday-makers in La Clusaz limited to just a few small ski areas. My  visitors sought alternative entertainment, opting for the Titanic Exhibition in Geneva and the

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Road (un)safety in France

Road painter in French Alps

Here’s a man who loves his job. He’s painting the white lines on the road and waving to the camera with a big smile. The lovely Richie sent me this photo last week from Morzine, a few days after I

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Free vespas in La Clusaz?

The French language is always switching things around, like “la piste bleu” for “the blue piste”, so when I saw La Clusaz advertising “The Vespa free” I figured they were giving away a free vespa, or better still, holding a

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Stupid but important road signs in France

If you ever drive in France, you need to know this road rule. It’s some weird hangover from the past that sometimes causes confusion at roundabouts and often results in accidents. This yellow diamond with a black strike through it

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What on earth is this?

“What on earth is this?” was the question someone asked me as we drove under this thing. What do you think it is? The answer is actually very simple, and the name gives it away. In French it’s called a

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Big truck on small road

The road between St Jean de Sixt and Bonneville is sketchy at times to say the least. If it’s not boulders falling onto the road, it’s local drivers doing crazy speeds to catch up behind you and tailgate you around

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Roadwork in France

The off-season in the Alps means the road workers are busy resurfacing roads before winter hits. For the past four off-seasons here (that’s two years), the road workers have been changing the layout of the roads and car parks and

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