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Unsafe road safety in France

Just in case it wasn’t obvious that there’s some roadwork going on, here’s some overkill. This cluster of road signs is right here in Saint Jean de Sixt. It starts with a roadworks sign, then a ‘circulation alternée‘ (changed traffic

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Learning first aid in French

Meet Anne. She’s a very important mannequin: she saves lives. Anne was given to me at a short first aid course here in St Jean de Sixt after a friend talked me into going. As always, I was apprehensive about

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The dangers of mountain life

Living in a ski resort is obviously lots of fun. There’s more time to spend enjoying the snow, the air is fresh and the scenery is always stunning. Last week, however, the dangers of living in the mountains became all

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Road (un)safety in France

Road painter in French Alps

Here’s a man who loves his job. He’s painting the white lines on the road and waving to the camera with a big smile. The lovely Richie sent me this photo last week from Morzine, a few days after I

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Tailgating at night: why?

Tailgating in France is less attractive than this

Isn’t this a lovely photo of a bumble bee in my lavender plant earlier this year — right here in St Jean de Sixt? Why is there a photo of a bee when the title of this post mentions tailgating? Because

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New breath test law in France

On Sunday, a law kicks in across France that’s caused a stir. Drivers will have to add a breath testing kit to the existing required safety equipment of reflective triangles and safety vest. French police hope that drivers will do

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Let it snow, then rain, then snow

One of the most noticeable and amusing things about living in the French Alps is how quickly conversation turns to snow when winter approaches. Months before the resort is due to open, people start predicting what sort of season it

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For your safety, you cannot have these snow tyres

I’ve ranted before about the ridiculous amount of paperwork in France, but I never expected it to impinge on the simple act of getting some snow tyres fitted to a car. You’d think it’d be as simple as going to

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What is this tractor doing?

One thing I forgot to talk about after the Defi Foly was this photo. It’s a tractor and it has a cable attached. Leading up to the tractor’s collection bucket at the front is a little pathway. The tractor was

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