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The pros and cons of end-of-season skiing

Pictured is how La Balme looked yesterday at around midday. You can see untracked powder and just one guy – my visiting friend – on the entire slope. There are a couple of people on the chairlift, but it was

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The homecoming in La Clusaz for Candide Thovex

If you look hard enough at this photo, you’ll see someone in yellow ski pants climbing what appears to be a concave piece of cliff to the top of Le Croix (“The Cross”) up at La Balme in La Clusaz.

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La Clusaz comes to Paris

The lovely  Mademoiselle Caroline  is an illustrator who blogs about all sorts of things, such as having kids, daily life in the mountains, and the experience of expatriating herself from Paris to the small village of Manigod, just down the

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British skis in France – and at a discount

A year ago today, I stayed up until midnight and applied to be part of Dots Dozen. It’s a scheme run by British brand ‘whitedot’ skis that gives twelve people each year the chance to get reduced-price skis. I won

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Alternatives to downhill winter sports #6

Okay okay, I’m in denial about the ski season ending, with fresh snow in the Alps this week and much more than a metre just melting away at the top. I’m not quite as motivated as some others who are

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A fete without the main attraction

Pictured is one of the two planes that performed stunts at the Defi Foly in La Clusaz last weekend. After contestants slid down the snowy ramp and into the freezing Lac des Confins on Saturday, a group of us wheeled

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Candide does it again with Few Words

As the season in La Clusaz draws to an end this Sunday — ending with the Defi Foly competition and hopefully good enough weather for the BBQ not to be needed as an outdoor heater — something else in La

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Is Mother Nature drunk?

What a funny old season it’s been. January, usually a dry month, buried rocks and trees with metres of snow that just kept on falling. February brought both antarctic cold and French Riviera warmth, causing the rocks and trees to

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La Clusaz buses

I’d hate to be a bus driver in La Clusaz. The roads are windy and sometimes narrow. Add in snow and a few obstacles such as a broken-down truck and a police car, pictured, and the bus drivers really have

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Competition for French roundabouts

The French love their roundabouts, such as this one in Méribel, this one in Saint-Jean-de-Sixt, this big chicken roundabout, and plenty of others too. Who knew there was such competition in neighbouring Italy? I snapped this photo at a roundabout

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