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The air pain au chocolate

Pictured is a pain au chocolat I recently bought at a bakery in Thônes. Isn’t it lovely the way the light reflects off that delicate, buttery pastry? Probably, but it’s hollow. Okay, it no doubt contains the same amount of

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Alternatives to downhill winter sports #4

Pictured here is Fabien, climbing a cliff face in Thônes. This is unusual in that the winters here normally aren’t cold enough for such a massive display of icicles to form in Thônes. Fabien, always keen to get his adrenaline

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Religion in France

Driving along a back road toward Thônes one day, I discovered a roadside statue of Mary, protected by some lions and surrounded by candles, flowers (both real and plastic) rosary beads, statuettes and water features. Here’s a close-up of one

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Foire de la Saint Maurice

Here is a photo of some horses standing outside a local community hall in Thônes. Let me explain. Last year, I wrote about the hay bail competition and the cows and tractors for sale at the local fair called la

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Roadwork in France

The off-season in the Alps means the road workers are busy resurfacing roads before winter hits. For the past four off-seasons here (that’s two years), the road workers have been changing the layout of the roads and car parks and

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So clever! And so dumb.

Let’s start with the dumb. This letter from EDF arrived in a letterbox in Annecy last week. You can see from the date circled at the top (click on the letter for a larger image) that the letter was printed

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Rural fairs

Nothing says ‘You live in the French countryside’ quite like experiencing the local fairs. If donkey racing at the Fête du Reblochon was not enough, last weekend’s fair in Thônes, the Foire de la Saint Maurice, topped it off. Now,

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