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The French Lady of the Lake

I came across a gruesome story this week, about ‘La Dame du Lac‘ (‘The Lady of the Lake’) right here in Annecy. It’s a tale of trickery by the devil himself which changes a young couple’s lives for ever, (you

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What is this traditional French dish?

Pictured is a traditional French dish, served last weekend at a refuge in Thônes. The refuge was far nicer than the one I went to a few weeks ago, but more on that in another entry. Right now, I want

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Bored with Tignes

I’ve written about Tignes a few times. It’s a handy place to go for some summer skiing when desperation for the white stuff kicks in. I spent four days there last week for a pre-season ski test and I think

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Tignes and old hotels

After seeing the fresh snow at the end of June on the peaks of La Clusaz, some friends and I were motivated to do a road trip to Tignes for a day of skiing on the glacier. We arose at

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La Clusaz Free Sessions (aka Candide Invitational minus Candide)

The La Clusaz Tourist Office has announced the La Clusaz Free Sessions. This confirms the death of the Candide Invitational for 2009 in La Clusaz. This new event takes place in La Clusaz in March (like the Candide Invitational), with

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The new Candide Invitational 2009

As I predicted, Candide will indeed be holding an event in Tignes. It’s not actually called the Candide Invitational 2009, but it seems to be the closest thing so far. The Riderscup (yes, one word) will see two teams competing

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A pub crawl in Tignes

The great thing about visiting a ski resort that one of your friends lives in is that you get to be a complete tourist without having to worry about people knowing you. Of course, this isn’t so good for the

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Tignes = French for cold

Well, what a start to winter: La Balme here in La Clusaz opened last weekend, providing an entire area of untracked powder — and a few rocks underneath. With my snowboard relatively unscathed, I popped over to Tignes with some

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Candide Thovex and the Coreupt crew

No, that’s not a typo, there’s a new ski ‘posse’ called Coreupt (or coreUPT — they can’t seem to decide), and Candide Thovex is in with them. The news isn’t actually that recent, but I’ve only just discovered the (very

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Snow fix in Tignes

With even more snow falling in La Clusaz, my mountain-biking buddy from a few weeks ago and I took the opportunity to visit a friend in Tignes and hit the piste for a pre-season slide. Although the wind prevented the

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