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Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris

I’m not a morbid person. I don’t like visiting spots where people have died and I avoid visiting catacombs because they creep me out. So how on earth did I end up visiting the Cimetiere du Père Lachaise in Paris?

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It’s not always about nudity in France

I was lucky enough to spend last weekend in Paris for a wedding, with perfect weather, fantastic company and a radiant couple who we cruised down the Seine with. So why is there a picture of an anatomical man complete

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Does absence make the heart grow fonder of France?

I’m back in St Jean de Sixt now after a month away from France. Visiting Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria and Greece, I planned ahead to fit in as much action and relaxation time as possible. I expected I would look

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Acting French in Paris

One of the great things about living in the French Alps is that it’s so totally different to life in big French cities. When I go to Paris, I’m a tourist: loud noises grab my attention, the Metro is confusing,

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Is l’Aguille du Midi worth it?

Chamonix is not too far from La Clusaz, and with plenty of tourist attractions such as the cog railway and the Mer de Glace glacier and ice caves, it’s a great place to take visitors. My current visitors from Australia

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The Carnac Alignments

During my quick trip to Brest, I squeezed in a visit to the Carnac alignments – France’s equivalent to Stone Henge. Pictured is just one of the alignments, where rows of stones have been lined up from tallest to shortest.

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Brittany for beginners

Brest is a long way away from where I live in the Aravis region of Haute Savoie, but it’s still part of France. Or is it? More on that later. I spent a long weekend in the region, catching up

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The medieval caves that helped to win a war

Fifteen metres underground in the French city of Arras, you’ll find lots of caves. They date back to medieval times, and were used as chalk quarries before they were commandeered during the First World War in 1916. New Zealand and

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A different view of the Louvre in Paris

Anyone who has been to Paris has probably seen the Louvre — at least from the outside if not the artwork within (and that tiny portrait of the famous staring lady). However, some may not have approached from the entrance where

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The Australian impact on Villers-Bretonneux

Living literally on the other side of the world, France really is a long way from my roots in Australia. Modern technology helps reduce that distant feeling, letting me stay in touch easily with family and friends. But when I

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