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Mechanic nightmare

I remember when I first moved to France that mechanics had a pretty bad reputation for being slow. Indeed, one of my friends had terrible problems with her Volkswagen bus: they changed all sorts of things at two different mechanics

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Good news, bad news

Yesterday was very newsworthy for lots of reasons. Here’s a run-down. Good news: local freestyle champion Candide Thovex, who switched to freeride just this season, has won the Freeride World Tour! I bet all the other competitors wish he’d just

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How to leave a ski resort

  So, you’ve been skiing for a week. You’ve had a great time with some fantastic snow conditions, and even the sun shone during the day while the snow fell at night. You’ve enjoyed the company of the lovely friends

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Being a chalet girl

Some friends asked me to look after their chalet last weekend so they could watch their son ski in a competition elsewhere. They only had two guests and they had cooked all the meals, so all I had to do

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Human kindness and its opposite

The steering on my car felt funny this morning so I stopped and saw a flat front tyre. I was pretty sure driving on it would ruin the tyre and the wheel, but being impatient, I decided to drive in

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