The most pointless street light ever

<A tree-covered street light in St Jean de Sixt, France>Can you see what’s hidden in that tree? It’s a street light. Does it shed much light? Not really. So why is it there? Its past is steeped in a great rumour that the local French property owner here in St Jean de Sixt demanded a street light on her property when the road was widened years ago. She fought and fought until finally the local council agreed to put a light on her land.

You might be wondering why, if she wanted the light so badly, it’s now covered in tree. Apparently, when the St Jean de Sixt council agreed to put the light in, they reclaimed some of her property to put the light on. She was not impressed with this, and I guess she’s allowed this tree to grow around the light as some sort of form of bizarre protest. But this is all merely speculation.

Whatever the reason, I’m just adding her to my list of local loons, along with mannequin man (RIP), the crazy dog poo lady, the angry ski seller, and of course me, the etranger who wraps her paper packages in cling film before posting. It seems the smaller the village, the greater the number of local crazies.

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