The new Candide Invitational 2009

As I predicted, Candide will indeed be holding an event in Tignes. It’s not actually called the Candide Invitational 2009, but it seems to be the closest thing so far. The Riderscup (yes, one word) will see two teams competing against each other: one led by Candide and the other by TJ Schiller, according to the website. The competition will involve an XXL half pipe and Big Air session. It’s being touted as the US against the Europeans, which seems a bit like a marketing ploy to me.

If you’re interested in going, you’d better get your skates on: it’s happening in early January.


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One comment on “The new Candide Invitational 2009
  1. Geoff says:

    Ouch! I read the bit about the US v the Europeans and thought, Ah! They’re copying the Ryder Cup. And then I got it…

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