The Winter Olympics — French style

The Sotchi Winter Olympics are underway and the athletes have managed to rise above the negative aspects which continue to undermine the sporting event. Politics, human rights and treatment of animals were on the minds of many as the opening ceremony began. Now, the image of three French skiers passing the finish line to take gold, silver and bronze medals is dominating the French coverage of the Olympics.

A team of French athletes have made an alternative Winter Olympic games, including La Clusaz’s very own Loic Collomb Patton. Far more entertaining than watching the same rerun and far less politically problematic, the Frenchies take sporting prowess to an entire new level never seen in the Olympics. Take a peek (skip to 1:50 for the real action):

As you can see, challenges include spraying a ski instructor with snow, naked backflips, doing tricks in the most improbable place (yay Loic on the staircase!) and jumping off chairlifts. I think my favourite is skiing with a stuffed animal because it’s just so bizarre. What’s your favourite?

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2 comments on “The Winter Olympics — French style
  1. Lesley says:

    I liked the ‘kiss of life’ to the animal head after the crash!
    BTW still very best wishes to M.S.

  2. Wendy says:

    The kiss of life was brilliant, wasn’t it Lesley! The naked skiing looked a bit painful. I chuckled at the reactions of the ski instructors being sprayed with snow too. 🙂

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