Viva La Clusaz with motorbikes?

Harley Davidsons and a whole range of two-, three- and four-wheel modes of transport invaded La Clusaz last weekend under the festival name Viva La Clusaz. Now, I’m a bit lost about this. La Clusaz is a sleepy farming village between summer and winter, a family summer holiday destination in the warmer months, and a snow-lovers’ playground in winter. When I think of La Clusaz, I think of typically Savoyarde things: cheese, cows, green grass, snow, more cheese, the French word ‘bof’, farmers and a general disdain for outsiders. So, why call a festival of American transport ‘Long Live La Clusaz’? I truly don’t understand. Surely ‘Viva la Harley’ or ‘Viva les Autoroutes’ would be more appropriate.

All sorts of bizarre motorbikes were on display, along with some very old cars and some brand new Hummers. Nothing about the weekend seemed to make sense except perhaps that it’s a chance for the tourist office to kick of the summer season before the hot weather brings the summer tourists.



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8 comments on “Viva La Clusaz with motorbikes?
  1. Geoff says:

    Harleys belong on long, narrow inter-state roads in the US. At least imho. Having them potter round Europe with their irritating low frequency exhaust sound (I won’t call it “note” as that sounds vaguely musical) is a crime against humanity. My car has a button on the steering wheel that vapourizes any Harley in line of site, but leaves them visible to other road users (and causes no harm to the rider(s)). Sadly the functionality is still in Beta, and not quite perfect – which means I can still see them too. But it eases the irritation…

  2. Dawn says:

    I live in the UK but own an apartment in La Clusaz. I also own a Street Bob and my husband has a Springer Classic. When i saw Viva La Clusaz advertized on the website straightaway we booked some flights for us and two friends. I could not believe that the village would have a bike meeting there but it was great, shame about the weather. The mountains are a perfect setting for this type of event and i think it should be a annual event and will only get bigger. I thought the idea of the free shuttle bus was very good for everyone staying in the village the only complaint was the DJ on Saturday night ? not what a biker whats to hear, the village had a band on in the summer (Rolling Stones) which would of been much better. I am hoping its on next year and we’ll come on our bikes

    Thanks for a great weekend at La Clusaz dispite the weather


  3. April says:

    Dawn, I think it is actually an annual event. They’ve just renamed it Viva La Clusaz. And the reason of the name was revealed to me by a reader here in La Clusaz: “Viva Las Vegas” but in the alps. That kind of makes sense. And now I keep singing Viva Les Vegas. I do remember seeing a Street Bob on Saturday (perhaps yours Dawn?) – mainly because of an old K2 snowboard called a Fat Bob for wide feet. 🙂

  4. Dawn says:

    Hi April, we will definitely be there next year ! i didn’t have the street bob there at the show, but there was some lovely bikes, We were the same singing Viva Las Vegas, never heard anybody on the loud speakers say “viva la clusaz”.
    We are traveling to our apartment in August on the Harleys really looking forward to it. We have only had the apartment 1 year, are you a resident in La Clusaz ? We have heard that there is English residents but have not come across any yet, unless they all speak good french.

  5. April says:

    HI Dawn, yes I’m a resident of La Clusaz. There are a few other Aussies out here, and I know of about fifteen or so British families who live here. I’m sure there are lots more I haven’t met yet.

  6. Dawn says:

    Hi April, my sister and her family have moved to Aussie 2 years ago, they live in Perth. Where do the locals hangout ? or could you suggest somewhere. We like eating at La Ferme but can be quiet.

  7. April says:

    The locals are a closed bunch who hang out wherever their mates work. La Ferme is great. My personal favourite is l’Outa.

  8. Gus Richter says:

    Whatever brings lovers of cars, bikes, etc. together for a good time and cameraderie is o.k. in my book. It continues to amaze me the number of great looking old American cars in other countries and how well their owners look after them. There truly are no borders when it comes to our love affair with cars and bikes.

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