When things get busy…

<Photo of a gingerbread boat>
Hello after a month’s break! Apologies for the length between posts: I just haven’t had anything interesting to say, and life has been busy, with a new car purchase, trips away for special birthdays/celebrations, and lots of pre-winter work. In fact, this busy time formed a crescendo last weekend with an annual pre-season party, hosted at my place. This year’s theme was ‘Pirates of the Aravis’, allowing people the freedom to dress as traditional pirates or to incorporate a wintry, snowy theme.

After many years of making gingerbread houses, I decided to make a gingerbread pirate ship, based on the one pictured here. Isn’t it pretty? I went a size bigger. It was a mistake.

The initial construction went well, with a gingerbread mast, portholes and a length of gingerbread added to the deck for walking the plank. I wish I had taken a photo. However, with all the other cooking going on, my house was humid, and gingerbread is a bit of a sponge for humidity. My crispy gingerbread turned as soft as cake overnight. The mast fell over, then the back of the boat collapsed. A friend helped me turn the pirate ship into a pirate ship wreck, with a grassy rock tactfully placed to help hold up one side of the boat, and the mast placed into the sea, plus brown ‘rope’ dotted around. We also added a shark fin, some red around the shark, and a pink hand nearby. The result is below. What’s that saying? “Saw it on Pinterest: nailed it.” Yes, that.

<Photo of my gingerbread boat (wreck), copyright, Le Franco Phoney>

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4 comments on “When things get busy…
  1. Ron Rundle says:

    Arrrhhh Wendy, ye initial intentions were good, but ye was stymied by the weather, which every pirate knows about. Never ye mind lass, it seems like a good comeback with the ship wreck / shark scenario. Well done me hearty, arrrhhh………

  2. Wendy says:

    Hah! Thanks, Ron – that’s kind of you to put such a positive spin on my cake (ship) wreck. Top pirate talk, too!

  3. Rosemary K says:

    Oh Wendy, how absolutely and utterly frustrating! It was so beautiful. You should have entitled it “The Shipwreck”.

  4. Sally says:

    I am also utterly shite at cake making & I think you were very brave to try.

    I would love to have been an Aravis pirate!!

    Why are pirates called pirates?

    Because they aaarrrrrrrrrrr !

    Lovely to have you back posting, Wendy!

    Hope it snows soon for you all.

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