Your own, personal, (Mini) Jesus

<Picture of the Mini Jesus de Lyon French sausage.>What you’re looking at here is a Mini Jesus de Lyon (also available on a larger scale as Jesus de Lyon). How did Jesus get some pork sausages named after him? I asked a variety of French friends but none of them knew. So I turned to Google. Nobody there seems sure either. But here are two of the most common reasonings:

  • The presentation of sausage, wrapped in string, is similar to Jesus-era baby swaddling (one comment said: “When you’re hungry you must be hallucinating”).
  • “The sausage was made ​​in the late winter and traditionally eaten at Christmas.”

Either way, Jesus, who was known for turning water into wine and stuff, has clearly inspired the Lyonnaise: the French have turned a Jew into a pork sausage.

Now, to get entirely off track. Seeing the Mini Jesus reminds me of the Baby Jesus (or cheeses) scene of Kath and Kim – an Australian comedy show about a mother and adult daughter from the less affluent suburbs of Melbourne. Kath, the mum, wants a statue of baby Jesus at her second wedding, and Kym takes care of it:

Cheesy in more than one way, huh? Back to the Mini Jesus saucisson. If nothing else, at least I can honestly say: “Jesus is everywhere” when I walk into a sausage shop in France. In fact, Jesus is on sandwiches, in lunch boxes, and being served with cheese all over France.

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2 comments on “Your own, personal, (Mini) Jesus
  1. Ron Rundle says:

    Ha ha ha, you crack me up, Wendy.
    Turn a jew into a pork sausage. Classic!

  2. Wendy says:

    Thanks Ron. 🙂 You’d think it’d be blasphemous to do so in such a Catholic country!

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