Sacre bleu, mais merde…ZUT!

France has announced its Euro 2016 football anthem, and nobody is all that happy. The anthem, sung by popular French rock band Skip The Use, is a cover of a song by American band, Kiss. Their hit from the late seventies, ‘I Was Made For Lovin’ You’, has been transformed into ‘I Was Made For Lovin’ you, My Team’. Yes, really.

Here’s the original if you need a reminder:

And here’s the French version of the song:

The YouTube link is full of negative comments from the French, not happy with the use of the langue anglais, and non-French, not happy that a French band has ‘Eurotrashed’ a song that many are still fond of.

I’m not happy either. I’ve enjoyed seeing both bands play live. I love Kiss: I grew up with their music and have lots of memories entwined with their songs. Skip The Use had a hit a few years ago which sounds much better than their latest offering:

And now, a song I love is being used for a sport that requires fan segregation to prevent violence, sung by a band who have mutilated it with strains like they’re pushing out a baby.

Apart from it being a bit weird that the French have chosen a song that is more than thirty years old to get their fans excited, a whistled version of the song was used by supermarket giant Carrefour until 2013 (replacing the theme song from ridiculously old US sitcom, ‘Happy Days’).

The song was regurgitated into a jingle by La Foir Fouille on TV, radio and over their shop loudspeakers all day long (here’s their most recent advert):

Everybody got bored with it. And somehow, here it is again, rehashed in the most dire format possible.

Anyone who knows the Kiss lyrics understands that the song is about singer Paul Stanley ‘loving’ (having sex) with a girl, giving it all to her, in the darkness…so much he wants to do. Somehow, the French football people thought it would be a good idea to use the same lyrics to represent the French football team. Coincidence, thoughtlessness, or pure sexed-up Frenchness? I’m actually surprised that the music video isn’t filled with naked footballers and fans. Actually, that would be more entertaining. Let’s hope France do better at football.

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3 comments on “Sacre bleu, mais merde…ZUT!
  1. Lesley says:

    At our age and me not even knowing that there is Euro Foot on this year, I don’t suppose that I shall ever have to hear this again. I can only wonder what awful stuff the English Association will be subjecting the population to via the TV progs.

  2. Lesley says:

    Just spoke to the husband about this and he went down to the sous- sol and brought up a bottle of american red wine with a ‘KISS Monster cabernet sauvignon’ label, a World Tour Tribute 2013 that we bought from our local Noz!!!

  3. Wendy says:

    Lesley, the English anthem cannot be worse than this French disaster, surely! What a cool coincidence that your 2013 wine has such a Euro 2016 connection – an appropriate reason to drink it (hopefully it tastes better than that song sounds).

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