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Keep your dog

On a recent walk, this sign was kindly translated into German and English. The French actually says “Keep your dog on a leash”. As long as English speakers keep their dogs, they’re alright on or off the leash, presumably. In

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Pet care in France

Squeak the kitten

Here’s Squeak the kitten in a photo I took a few weeks ago. The wrapper he’s playing with is another story that I’ll talk about closer to Christmas. Today, it’s all about pet care in France. Soon after I took

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The constants no matter where you live

Moving countries can be a lonely business. If you’re leaving family behind, you need to find a new support network in your new country, and sometimes that’s not easy. Even if family come with you, there might be language and

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Dogs in France

It’s a well-known stereotype, right or wrong, that French footpaths are covered with dog poo. There’s certainly a fair amount of poo here in St. Jean de Sixt, and in an effort to clean up the dog poo in Annecy,

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French television panels

I was going to write something about yesterday’s carnival in Annecy, but I bumped my head on the snow on Friday and spent yesterday in front of the television, nursing a bad headache. French weekend daytime TV is as hit-and-miss

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