Wishing you good gout

My friend Jane sent me an image from a business that went something like this:

There’s a French business for baby food called Good Gout. I guess the business owner liked the alliteration of the ‘G’ and the rhyming of the English and French words. ‘Gout’ in French means ‘taste’, which is obviously appropriate for a food business.

As Jane said, “How can you make baby food and call it Good Gout?”

I’m pretty sure, however, that if I were to start a business with a name that uses French and English words mixed together, I’d check to make sure it didn’t sound weird in either language. Good Gout has professional photos, a fast, good-looking website, and probably very tasty baby food. So how did the business get so professional without checking if ‘gout’ means anything in English? Mes amis français, ‘gout’ en anglais est le maladie ‘goutte‘ en français !

French parents across the country are no doubt giving their babies Good Gout. And with the rest of the world’s love of all things French, perhaps Good Gout have dreams of exporting to other countries. So, the rest of the world, would you feed your kids Good Gout?

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2 comments on “Wishing you good gout
  1. Christine says:

    This works the other way around too Wendy as I’m sure you’ve noticed. My favorite misnaming is “Zizi” the Italian styled restaurant chain in the UK. Zizi, for those who don’t have young boys who break out in fits of giggles every time we pass one of these restaurants is a kind of cute kids name for wobby boy bits like “willy” in English.

  2. Wendy says:

    Ah yes. A certain French man insisted on having his photo taken outside a Zizzi once, and now we both chuckle any time we pass one. I think it’s my favourite too, Christine.

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