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Capsicum (red pepper) jam on camembert

This is one of my favourite recipes that works at everything from BBQs to cocktail parties. Everyone loves it and you can make it well in advance (handy as I’m never organised on the day). 400 g capsicums (red peppers)

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Wendy’s festive gingerbread house

Best gingerbread recipe for gingerbread houses

This recipe makes enough for at least five small gingerbread houses, plus lots left over for festive shapes . Before you start baking, make sure you have: – a very large bowl – a decent rolling pin – a piping

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Janelle’s vegie-friendly cheesecake

This is THE tastiest cheesecake recipe ever. Simple, vegie-friendly, and quick to make! Ingredients 1 can condensed milk 550 grams cream cheese (fromage tartine such as St Moret in France) 140 ml lemon juice 2 drops vanilla essence biscuit base

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Cheesy-bready Dip

1 large, round, unsliced loaf of white bread (a cobb loaf or similar) 1 200gram tub (or closest in size) of Philadelphia cream cheese (low-fat works just as well) 1 200ml tub (or closest in size) of sour cream 200

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The no-bake cake that seems baked

Chocolate Ripple cake as hungry caterpillar

What do you do when you want a home-made cake but don’t have the time, ingredients or possibly even an oven to cook it in? You make a fake, no bake cake. This recipe is so basic that even the

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