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How sport is done in the French Alps

There’s no shortage of sporting challenges in the French Alps. There’s the standard snow-related sports in winter, and cycling and running in summer, but some other sports that aren’t quite so obvious. Let’s start with Le Grand Bornand, where families

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Shoot targets underwater in La Clusaz!

This week, this photo appeared on my Facebook feed: Err, what? Is this an actual thing? Underwater shooting in a swimming pool apparently is a thing in La Clusaz and Europe in general. A bit of research reveals that this

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A tractor in a ski competition

What do a tractor, a young boy, and a ski ramp have in common? They were all necessary to make the weekend’s freestyle ski competition in Saint Jean de Sixt happen. What you’re looking at above is a skier who

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If Le Grand Bornand were a country…

Did you know that if Le Grand Bornand were a country rather than a village in France, it would have come 25th in the medal tally of the Sochi Winter Olympics? This area breeds champions, and the locals support them

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Future champions of La Clusaz

If there’s one thing La Clusaz is good at, it’s producing champions. In the past 15 years, the resort has produced world-class mogul skiers, cross-country skiers, downhill racers, extreme skiers, freestyle skiers and freeride skiers. Even though it’s not a

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Skiing on plastic with wooden skis

The trampoline competition wasn’t the only event in the Aravis last weekend. La Clusaz hosted the annual FĂȘte du Reblochon (cheese festival), and this year, I recorded some of the skiing action. Yes, there’s skiing at the FĂȘte du Reblochon.

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Controversy hits St Jean de Sixt

Last weekend, St Jean de Sixt held its first ever trampoline competition. At first, it was boring due to a long delay before the action started, and then it became a real insight into French culture. There were three main

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The distraction of La Balme and constant snowfall

I took this photo just a few days ago, with fresh, powdery snow covering all of La Clusaz. With so few tourists in the resort at this time of year, it took longer than usual for La Balme and the

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Snow kills table tennis tables

Hidden under that pile of snow is the outdoor ping pong table in the village of Saint Jean de Sixt. I took this photo back in January, and we’ve had even more snow since then. There’s no point taking a

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Popular sport on French TV

French public television features tennis during the French Open, Grand Prix car races and of course European football. Sometimes, there’s skiing on the local channel for those of us here in La Clusaz and other areas of the French Alps.

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