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Traditional French chocolates at Christmas

Searching the internet, you will find thousands of reports of non-French people getting fed up with life in France, whether it’s based on difficulty with the language or the seemingly endless paperwork to get things done. You won’t, however, find

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An early start to a long winter

Sheep in snowy St Jean de Sixt

Winter came to La Clusaz earlier than usual this year, with enough snow at La Balme for the ski lifts to open for the past few weekends. These sheep in Saint Jean de Sixt were caught in deep snow in

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A competition – win stuff!

One of the toughest times of the year for me and many other people living away from home is Christmas. I have fond memories of going for a swim on hot Christmas days in Melbourne and plum pudding ice cream

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The fairytale mushrooms actually exist

Red fairytail mushroom

I may come across sound a tad naive here, but that’s okay — it’s part of the fun of exploring the world. Those toadstools that I saw pictures of in fairytale storybooks when I was a kid actually do exist.

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Desperate bid for holiday-makers’ cash?

July and August are the peak months for tourists flocking to Annecy to spend all their tourist money on ice creams, live entertainment, paddle-boats and admission fees. Ponies and bouncy castles will always get the attention of kids whose parents

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A photo with Santa

My pre-Christmas shopping included a visit to a small indoor shopping centre, complete with Santa and his photographer. Most of the times I’ve seen Santa in a shopping centre, he has a lovely big chair which he looks as out

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Offensive French joke

Well, not really. At least, not offensive to me, but apparently offensive to some French people. Time to rewind. Do you know who Johnny Hallyday is? In France, he’s touted as the French Elvis and indeed, he’s loved as much

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More postage woes

Long-term readers may remember the postcard I blogged about which was addressed to my friend with the wrong address, the wrong post code, the correct village and the wrong surname. More recently, there was the realisation that mail does not

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Easter eggs or Christmas decorations?

Ahhh, I have such fond memories of the Easter Bunny leaving me chocolate treats when I was a kid. I remember heading out into the garden in my jim-jams and trying to find just a few Easter eggs before my

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Want a ‘treat’? Try snail caviar

Yes, apparently the French aren’t happy with just eating fully-grown snails. Now in France, you can buy snail eggs. I read about this in a magazine in La Clusaz a few weeks ago and decided to keep the article as

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