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The distraction of La Balme and constant snowfall

I took this photo just a few days ago, with fresh, powdery snow covering all of La Clusaz. With so few tourists in the resort at this time of year, it took longer than usual for La Balme and the

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Snow in Annecy in September

Yesterday, there was snow in Annecy, and it was 27°. Okay, it was man-made snow, but the kids didn’t know the difference. The snow was there as part of the weekend’s Reels Festival (winter sports movies at the Decavision cinema

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Mountain gets ‘radikal’

Pictured below is the map of where some crazy unranked skiers and snowboarders will be doing cool tricks and daring descents right here in La Clusaz, France, tomorrow in the lead-up to the Radikal Mountain competition. Those who qualify will

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Busy busy La Clusaz

January is traditionally a quiet month on the slopes in the French Alps: school holidays are over and everyone is recovering financially from Christmas, leaving the mountain to the locals and the seasonnaires to play on as a result of

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Losing – and finding – a snowboard

As you can see from this photo I snapped last week, winter has arrived and covered all my flowers in snow. This particular flower is now under about 60cm of fluffy snow. Because of the snow dump, the La Balme

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Sleepy French village gets extreme

St Jean de Sixt is home to free-range chicken eggs, some tennis courts and of course some mannequins. If you want to go for a swim, you have to get on a local bus to La Clusaz or Le Grand

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Speeding down a snow ramp

Someone very close to my heart participated in last weekend’s Defi Foly and he did his runs with his waterproof camera stuck to various places. The video from his snowboard is rather bumpy! This one, however, taken from a stick

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Australia vs France

Okay, it’s time to come clean: I’ve been in Australia for the past few weeks, but I had plenty of blog topics to keep me writing about France. By the time you read this, I’ll be holidaying on an island

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Odd things keep happening

The year of 2009 has so far been good, if not a little odd. For example, I saw this car wedged in some trees after it skidded off the road between La Clusaz and Saint Jean de Sixt, backwards. This

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Tignes = French for cold

Well, what a start to winter: La Balme here in La Clusaz opened last weekend, providing an entire area of untracked powder — and a few rocks underneath. With my snowboard relatively unscathed, I popped over to Tignes with some

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