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Has Le Franco Phoney turned Austra-Phoney?

Greetings from Australia, where I’ve been helping out with a family illness for the past month. I’m about to head back to France, but being home brought up a few cultural questions. I started Le Franco Phoney because the French

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And then suddenly, France seems logical!

France, I’m sorry. I’ve made light of you many too times and questioned why you do things in what seems to be the strangest of ways. I take it all back after visiting the Italian island of Sardinia. Looking for

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No, France, you cannot claim Tim Tams!

Walking through the supermarket the other day, I was surprised to see the tasty Australian Tim Tam biscuit placed right next to a “Regional Products” banner. The Tim Tam biscuit has been hanging around in French supermarkets for a while

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Juggling personal life, leisure and work

Apologies for the gap between blog entries: it’s been a busy few weeks since returning from Australia. I’ve been trying to define exactly where ‘home’ is. When you’re travelling, you’re away from home, but what if your destination becomes home?

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Becoming French bit by bit

Driving in France can be a challenge for new settlers. From remembering to drive on the other side of the road, or having to obtain a French licence, to trying to understand the bizarre give way to the side road

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Times that home seems a long way away

Squeak the cat

Living on the other side of the world from family and friends is something that doesn’t work for everyone. Sometimes, a person’s dream of living in another country can’t persist beyond that initial homesickness. It’s never easy, and like everyone

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Revenge for French stereotypes

Before you study this photo, look at the logo for my blog. A beret-wearing cow with a curly moustache, holding wine and a baguette. It’s missing a bike and a stripy top, but it’s pretty stereotypical of the French. I

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Animals have accents

It’s true, you know: animals do have accents. A few years ago, linguists proved that cows have regional accents, and they’re not the only ones. I’ve done my own research. French animals sound different to Australian animals, as proved by

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Rural France needs flywire screens

Are you ready for a rant? I am. Here’s a money-making idea for someone living in rural France: sell fly-wire screens. There’s an apparent shortage of the things in the Aravis valley and beyond, despite the poo from farm animals

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Tim Tams in France

Us Aussies are pretty good at making biscuits, and that’s why Tim Tams have appeared as the only Australian product on the shelves of the supermarket chain Carrefour in Annecy. These biscuits, similar to the UK’s Penguin biscuit (but nicer

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