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Free entertainment galore in France

Summer is in full swing here in France, and even in the Alps, the temperatures are unusually warm. Everyone has been enjoying the warm weather — whole businesses, in fact. Last week, I tried calling a doctor, an accountant and

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Bastille Day celebrations or lynch mob?

Driving home from Annecy on Saturday night, I stumbled across a fete in Thônes. It was an early Bastille Day celebration and I was lucky enough to get there at just the right time for the march through town. The

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On the ‘Highway to L’

A shop popped up in both La Clusaz and Thônes recently called ‘Highway to L’. I guess they’re AC/DC fans because French people tend to leave off the ‘h’s when they pronounce English words. In fact, ‘Highway to Hell’ is

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Freedom to Europe on 8 May

Today, the 8th of May, is a public holiday in France and various other European countries to mark the end of World War 2. For the locals around these parts, including Thônes (where this war memorial photo was taken in

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Possibly the best refuge in Haute Savoie!

Why have I posted this gorgeous photo of a baby goat? She was one of the lovely surprises that greeted us at Le Ferme des Vônezins refuge near Thônes when a group of us went there in March. If you’re

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Win a cow!

Although Saint Jean de Sixt is just up the road from the city of Annecy, certain aspects of life are still very rural. Take this raffle ticket, for example. First prize is a cow. Yes, that’s right: you can win

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Controversial roundabout in the Aravis

Last year, the big roundabout between Thônes and Alex that links Annecy to La Clusaz and surrounds was merely a steep mound of grass that locals would sometimes drive over the top of for fun. It’s unusual to find a

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Le Farto fromagerie in Thones

Continuing on from other great French terms and business names that don’t translate well in English, such as Milk et Bousse (manure) dairy farm, Shag Café and Lad’s (sic) Services of La Clusaz, pictured is Le Farto fromagerie in Thônes.

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Good, wholesome fun

Teams from five villages met on Friday night in Saint Jean de Sixt for the annual inter-village games (Les Gamineries des Aravis), but you might notice that there are six different coloured teams. A group of tourists makes up the

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Cottage cheese has arrived in France!

You know that saying: “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”? Well, that was me with cottage cheese here in France. That weird, lumpy stuff that I shunned as a kid and grew to enjoy as an adult

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