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La Poste delivers broken goods

A little while ago, I received this package in the mail. It contained a birthday present that I had ordered for a friend. That big rip down the centre was already made when I received the package. I’ve no idea

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Obtaining a French driving licence

In December, I went to the prefecture in Annecy to switch my British driving licence for a French one. Since Britain is part of the EU (for now at least!), a British licence is accepted for driving in France unless

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Know your French stamps

Did you know that French stamps come in three flavours? Since October 2011, there have been different classes of mail in France. I doubt that my monthly rental cheque — which, after I post in the box in Saint Jean

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Post office doesn’t like brown packaging paper

I took this package to the post office last week and it was rejected. Two rounds of tape was perhaps not enough? The address wasn’t clear enough? Nope. It offending element was the brown packaging paper. I wrapped a festive

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Someone’s letterbox hobby went too far

Pictured is a letterbox down the road from where I live. You can tell it’s a letterbox by the handle, lock and nameplate at the bottom right side of the box/house. To get an idea of the size of the

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Asking the impossible

Pictured is an envelope and part of a tax invoice it contained, which I received on Saturday. Just to confirm, that’s Saturday 18th December. As you can see by the stamp on the envelope, the letter was sent on 15th

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Post office update

Recently, I had an issue with the French post office which accepted a tube-shaped package to be sent to England, but after I paid for it, they sent it back to me as a rejected item and expected me to

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Beware the post office

Pictured is one of two cylindrical parcels I took to the post office last week. Each contained a kitty toy for friends’ cats. Rather than wrap them in any old thing, I thought I’d do the right thing and provide

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Shopping hours in the French Alps

Shops here in the French Alps keep strange hours. For example, the supermarket in La Clusaz is closed from 12.30pm to 4.30pm, and rumour has it that the reason for this is so that tourists have to buy their lunch

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More postage woes

Long-term readers may remember the postcard I blogged about which was addressed to my friend with the wrong address, the wrong post code, the correct village and the wrong surname. More recently, there was the realisation that mail does not

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