Cupcakes in Annecy!

<Photo of the cupcake shop in Annecy, called Bagels and Cupcakes or B&C>Cupcakes. I remember my grandma teaching me how to make them before the muffin came along and took all the glory. This decade’s cupcake revolution has seen shops like The Hummingbird Bakery in London, where the cupcakes are only sold if they’ve been baked the same day. There’s nothing like biting into a freshly-cooked cupcake, with this soft and fluffy centre complimented by the creamy, thick frosting. I’ve been patiently waiting for cupcakes to arrive in the Aravis, and yet, somehow, I missed that they’ve already been in Annecy for two years.

Yes, cupcakes are available in Annecy.

Bagels et Cupcakes, or B&C, opened in June 2010 in the old town and have apparently been doing well enough to stay open in an area of France where traditional bakery goodies are still the preferred treat of choice.

Cupcakes are available in both normal and mini sizes, and upon first look, the choice of flavour seems pretty wide. Actually, it’s the frosting choices that are wide, with only chocolate or vanilla cupcakes on offer the day I was there. This is no doubt good business sense if demand is low: less of each variety will ensure fewer stale cupcakes, right? Frosting flavours included pistachio, raspberry, caramel, passion fruit, chocolate and vanilla, so I bought a vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting and a chocolate cupcake with raspberry frosting to sample with a friend.

The icing was spot on, but I’m pretty sure the cupcakes weren’t baked that day. It doesn’t inspire me to go back for more, yet it’s the only cupcake option around these parts, so I will no doubt go back and hope to get a fresh one next time. If nothing else, they offer bagels and other American-style treats that are worth sampling too.

For those of you nearby, B&C is smack bang in the old town, at 2 faubourg Sainte Claire, towards the cinema end of the pedestrianised road.

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5 comments on “Cupcakes in Annecy!
  1. Steph says:

    Cupcakes haven’t made it to Creuse yet 🙁 You can usually get muffins in boulangeries but generally it’s only the traditional French viennoiserie and gateaux.

    All those different icings sound gorgeous…

  2. Wendy says:

    Steph, as much as I love all that French stuff, I still love a good cupcake, so I feel your disappointment that Creuse has yet to embrace them. Fingers crossed it happens soon.

  3. Hi Wendy,

    Not that I’m trying to boast or anything {OK, maybe just a little…} but I actually discovered this place soon after I moved to Annecy two years ago. I blogged about it here: {And thanks {?} to that post, now when I go into Bagels & Cupcakes, the owner says, “Hello, Rue de France!’ Really.}

    The last time I walked by there, I noticed he’s changed the set-up & dĂ©cor so it now looks a lot more like a wee cafĂ© where you wouldn’t mind sitting for a little while. And it’s true that his cupcakes are pretty darn yummy. So… meet you there soon??!

  4. Wendy says:

    Definitely a good spot for a meet-up! Are the bagels good? Well done in discovering it so long ago. I love that he calls use Rue de France. Maybe the new setup caught my eye…

  5. His bagels are better than the ones you can buy at Picard (pffft) but not anything like the ones you find in NYC or MontrĂ©al. In other words… “pas mal” I guess!

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