Dangling the new ski lift carrot

After years of rumours and promises, La Clusaz has finally announced its plans for the outdated Bossonnet ski area at the top end of town. In 2012, trees were cut down to make way for a new chairlift, but no other work seemed to happen. Inactivity this summer left those of us who live here wondering if the plans had been cancelled entirely.

And then this sign appeared!

<Poster in La Clusaz advertising the new Bossonnet replacement ski lift - due in 2014 >

What better way to make this winter’s guests want to come back next year than by promising new high speed lifts? The sign may as well say: “Sorry, you’re stuck with that drag lift that banks to the left, causing snowboarders to panic they’ll fall down that drop beside the lift, but next year, you’ll get a new chairlift AND a new telemix (that’s chairlifts and bubbles on one lift)!”

Actually, the area is getting a really fantastic facelift. From the sign, it looks like the beginner area with the drag lift is moving a bit to the left, away from the crowds of people who will be joining the queues for the two new chairlifts to gain access to le Cret du Merle. On top of that, there’s an underground carpark going in and a total redesign of the area above ground, with more space for ski school and the ticket office.

Alas, the work won’t be completed until 2014, so all of us here in the Aravis will be just as keen as the winter holiday-makers to try out the new lifts in more than a year’s time — all €12 million of it! Seems pretty cheap for all that really…

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3 comments on “Dangling the new ski lift carrot
  1. Mandy says:

    Hmmm, I get irritated with slow progress like that in my own town. They spent two years building a new train station that is a real train wreck!

  2. Wendy says:

    Oh dear! When you say a real train wreck, just how bad is it?! The snow slows down progress here, so although initial work might start fairly soon, everything will be put on hold from December until the end of April, giving the workers 7 months next year to get everything finished. They’ll probably down tools for a month in August too!

  3. Naomi says:

    I agree, a facelift for the top of the village is well overdue! However, I imagine the shop-owners on Champ Giguet are feeling a tad nervous about all their custom being taken away from them, what with the telemix basically doing the same job as the Cret de Merle, and the ESF (allegedly) moving their base to Bossonnet when the beginner-friendly lifts open… what does this mean for business at the bottom of the village? Keep an eye out for me, Wendy.

    Lovin’ the blog. Nams 🙂

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