Free vespas in La Clusaz?

<Vespa Free event flier for La Clusaz, France>The French language is always switching things around, like “la piste bleu” for “the blue piste”, so when I saw La Clusaz advertising “The Vespa free” I figured they were giving away a free vespa, or better still, holding a day of vespa riding for free. I have friends visiting during The Vespa Free, so when I saw this flier, I imagined my friends and I humming around town on different coloured buzz-bikes, with sunshine and giggles.

This is totally incorrect. There is no day of free Vespa riding. It’s actually no fun at all for us non-scooter owners. No.

The Vespa Free is just a way of annoying those of us who live here by gathering all the people with scooters in one spot, making them pay, and letting them loose on the mountainous roads. There will be so many buzzing around the roads that cars will find it impossible to overtake the glorified lawn mowers, and will instead be surrounded by that constant, annoying buzzzzzzz from the scooters in front and behind. It will be a slow traffic weekend.

Scooters remind me of mosquitoes. Unless you like mosquitoes, avoid La Clusaz on 1st and 2nd of September. The mountains will go from tranquil to two-stroke in just over ten seconds.

The only redeeming feature is a DJ set from Radio Meuh, who will hopefully be able to quell the buzzing at least for one evening.

If The Vespa Free had been free Vespa testing, I never would have mentioned mosquitoes or lawn mowers. My version of The Vespa Free would have been a fun weekend. Looks like my visiting friends will see more of Annecy than La Clusaz!


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4 comments on “Free vespas in La Clusaz?
  1. Ron Rundle says:


  2. Emm says:

    Oh! That is kind of irritating, isn’t it. I totally thought the same thing as you when I read the flyer. Not sure of the relevance of the goat. Maybe they intend to run down a few in addition to polluting the countryside?

  3. Wendy says:

    The goats probably run a lot faster than the scooters. Actually, the marmotts probably do too!

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