The hidden chapel of La Clusaz

Situated at the entrance of La Clusaz is something I didn’t notice for more than three years — a chapel. You might wonder how someone can miss a bright blue building, and the Chapelle du Parc, built in 1631, is by no means a recent addition. It’s perched above the road into La Clusaz, where cars zoom past with many passengers unaware of the chapel’s existence as they impatiently dodge pedestrians on their way to their holiday accommodation or the pistes.

The hidden chapel of La Clusaz, France

Photo of a religious monument in La Clusaz, FranceThe spot is easily accessible from wide steps starting at the main road just before the entrance of La Clusaz, and the views are fantastic. The chapel is dedicated to Mary and the protection of travellers. Sadly, the doors are locked, so any travellers in need of protection are now out of luck.

Like many French villages, La Clusaz has religious monuments dotted all over the place. If you’re familiar with the area, you might recognise this one, pictured, on the corner opposite the bus station. There’s a statue of Mary behind bars on the roadside between Saint Jean de Sixt and another at the top of the Beauregard peak of La Clusaz. There are crosses at the top of most (if not all) of the peaks of La Clusaz.

For such a small village, there are a lot of monuments. There is also a total of six chapels:

  • Chapelle des Aravis (at the col des Aravis);
  • Chapelle du Parc (at the entrance of La Clusaz);
  • Chapelle de Gotty (outskirts of town);
  • Chapelle du Var (outskirts of town);
  • Chapelle du Fernuy (on the corner at the end of town on the way up to La Balme); and,
  • Chapelle des Confins (at Les Confins).

Perhaps the chapels were built so that the villagers didn’t have too far to walk in the snow to get to church on Sunday mornings. For whatever reason, they work well as tourist attractions. Each one has its own individual style and breathtaking view. Would you like to see some more of them?

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6 comments on “The hidden chapel of La Clusaz
  1. Lesley says:

    Yes please.

  2. Ron Rundle says:

    Yeah Wen, photos are always good.
    The little chapels amd the tiny religious monuments at crossroads etc, are always an uplifting sight even for a non-believer. They just pop up everywhere.

  3. Wendy says:

    Right then – I’ll get snapping.

  4. This post embodies exactly why I blog. I spent so much time ignoring the strange and wonderful city I grew up in (Johannesburg), dreaming of visiting London or New York or Prague instead. It is crazy, especially given my keen interest in history and injustice and the fact that I was living in a city practically built of history and injustice. So now I try my utmost to notice the world around me!

    I love the sound of these monuments and chapels and must add my vote: yes please!

  5. jason says:

    Yes I would love to see more, particularly the history of them! Thanks!

  6. Wendy says:

    Emm, there are so many hidden gems, aren’t there? Here’s the next chapel for your reading pleasure:

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