Important changes in Annecy

I was down in Annecy with a friend last night for a movie and a meal. We decided to eat at the little-known Mediterranean gem just outside of town, but when we got there, it was gone. Their food was great, but the disappointment soon turned to glee when my brain registered that a Thai restaurant called Lan-Som-Tam had taken its place. I think I’ve tried all the Asian-style restaurants in Annecy, with the Chinese restaurants typically adapting to the host country, serving frogs’ legs and omelettes (replace those with dim sims in Australia and fat chips in England). We were concerned that this newest Thai restaurant could be yet another sly attempt of non-authentic cuisine served up to a nation who prefer garlic over anything spicy (a mass generalisation, but I’m going with it based on my own observations). Regardless, the miniscule chance of authentic Thai food drew us in.

We weren’t disappointed. The food was exceptional! My Pad Thai was lacking in spices, but no worries: it arrived with a small dish filled with dried chilies and a warning that I’d only need to use a tiny sprinkle. Entrees, mains and desserts were all fantastic, but the only drawback for me was the green tea — a Lipton teabag rather than the loose leaf variety.

And then the night got a whole lot better. We headed to the Décavision cinema to catch a French comedy. I might have missed a lot of the jokes, but that wasn’t a problem. Why? I was in my own personal food heaven, with salty popcorn finally on offer (and purchased for a ridiculous price) at Annecy’s biggest cinema. For year’s I’ve felt annoyed that a cinema with ten screens doesn’t provide such a base choice of popcorn to its movie-goers. So, a bit like the Tim Tam biscuit moment in Carrefour Annecy, I gasped out loud when I saw the golden goodness available in salty flavour. No more weird, sweet popcorn for me: proper popcorn has arrived and I embraced with with open arms — and mouth.

There was another change in Annecy, but my elation about salty popcorn and Thai food have clouded my memory.


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10 comments on “Important changes in Annecy
  1. Penny says:

    I’ll make a note of that restaurant. We are looking for a good thai one. I’ve been told there is a new thai place near Les Romains too. Funny about the popcorn…I took the kids there a while ago and got told off by a snarky bitch for not specifying sucré or salé!

  2. Joan Fry says:

    Another snarky bitch? In Annecy? No way! Penny! Was she over 50 wearing gorgette in tiger print?

    thanks for the input.

  3. donne l’adresse !!!!

    (et t’as vu quoi comme film?)

  4. Wendy says:

    Penny, that’s the one we went to – near Les Romains. Joan, that sounds like some outfit!
    Caroline, the address is 33 Avenue des Romains – just on one of the streets off the free parking area at the Place des Romains. We saw Intouchables which was a brilliant film, although I think I missed some of the French plays on words.

  5. Sally says:

    Thanks for the update. We live near by to St Jean de Sixt in Le Petit Bornand and are always looking for a good ‘spicy’ meal out! Annecy is always a nice drive out and now with the benefit of Thai meals….

  6. Steph says:

    Our local cinema is a room in the Maire so no popcorn there 🙁
    I only get to see kids’ films these days, but the language level is perfect for me!

  7. Oh, how wonderful your evening sounded. I love Thai food and have been lucky enough to taste some exceptional dishes here. On the other hand I have not been to the cinema in the last 15 months since moving here. Unfortunately, there is not one close by us. I have even forgot what the taste of good movie popcorn was like! Thanks to you, I’ve remembered and boy am I jealous:)

  8. Wendy says:

    Sally, there’s also a Thai restaurant (Chez Khean) in La Clusaz, where Cafe Tartines used to be (between the bus station and the ice rink) – you can ask them to spice it up for you and they will!
    Steph, I still didn’t get everything in Cars 2 even though it’s a kids’ movie!
    Ashley, can you buy the microwave variety at the supermarket there? Not the same as paying a ridiculous amount at the cinema of course…

  9. Sue says:

    Moving to Annecy next from uk next week. Husband has new job there. Is there any meeting place for new arrivals like me. Any info appreciated. Thanks

  10. Wendy says:

    Sue, there’s a group called Le Dernier Vendredi who meet once a month, but the average age is 50 and it’s mostly an excuse for a few local expats to get off their faces rather than meet new people. Sadly, that’s as good as it gets! I’m sure you’ll find the expat community within weeks of moving here – it’s hard not to! All the best for the move.

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