Mountain gets ‘radikal’

Pictured below is the map of where some crazy unranked skiers and snowboarders will be doing cool tricks and daring descents right here in La Clusaz, France, tomorrow in the lead-up to the Radikal Mountain competition. Those who qualify will get to do it all again at the weekend further over on the l’Etale peak with some of the world’s upcoming freeride champions. After the Candide Invitational stopped a few years ago (although Candide Thovex still lives here and is still awe-inspiring to watch as he flings himself with ease over kickers at La Balme on random days), La Clusaz has struggled to come up with a worthy replacement. Evening jib sessions proved the most popular and accessible for locals and tourists alike, but last year’s Radikal Mountain was a major let-down — mostly due to the lack of snow. Although it was probably more challenging for the riders and perhaps more likely to show who can really ski in any conditions, its position on a peak near l’Etale made viewing a bit difficult. As the map below shows, this year’s qualifying competition will take place up at La Balme, in the Torchere valley, allowing a better view of the action. It’s a pity the final competition isn’t taking place there too.
<Map of La Clusaz Radikal Mountain competition, France>
With more than two metres of snow at the altitude of the competition (and even more up higher!), the whole of La Clusaz has turned into a winter sports haven for all of us. No new snow is predicted for the weekend which is unfortunate, but with so much snow already there, the competition is already likely to be ten times more interesting than last year. You’ll find me camped out nearby with a sandwich and some awe.


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2 comments on “Mountain gets ‘radikal’
  1. Steph says:

    I think snowboarding is a brilliant sport to watch. I enjoy watching skiing too – I’m delighted that ‘Men in Lycra’ i.e. Ski Sunday, has started up again on the BBC on a Sunday night! Have a brilliant time there and please cheer for everyone on my behalf!

  2. Wendy says:

    They do have the most amazingly muscular legs, don’t they? 🙂

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