Skiing on plastic with wooden skis

The trampoline competition wasn’t the only event in the Aravis last weekend. La Clusaz hosted the annual Fête du Reblochon (cheese festival), and this year, I recorded some of the skiing action. Yes, there’s skiing at the Fête du Reblochon. It involves wooden edges and a slippery, wet plastic slide. The video below shows people in traditional Savoyarde clothes on skis, sledges and a local paret. In the background, you can hear the local band playing traditional songs, with dancers under the green roof and out of sight from the top of the white plastic piste.


The skiers almost run into the crowds a few times, and there are distant cheers at the bottom of the piste when skiers and sledgers slide right up to the bar and pick up a beer within seconds of stopping. As the last sledge gets ready to descend, you can see the previous sliders are being towed on the right of the plastic. The rope they’re holding is attached to a horse higher up, although the horse ran out of room as they neared the top and they ended up shuffling up instead.

<A goat socialising at the bar during the Fete du Reblochon cheese festival in La Clusaz>Meanwhile, at the bar, the goats were socialising with the farmers. Someone pass that goat a beer.

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2 comments on “Skiing on plastic with wooden skis
  1. Lesley says:

    The goat ought to be able to get to the bar for a drink quite easily with those queue busters on it’s head.

  2. Wendy says:

    Yeah, people were giving him a pretty wide berth!

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