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Times that home seems a long way away

Squeak the cat

Living on the other side of the world from family and friends is something that doesn’t work for everyone. Sometimes, a person’s dream of living in another country can’t persist beyond that initial homesickness. It’s never easy, and like everyone

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Pet care in France

Squeak the kitten

Here’s Squeak the kitten in a photo I took a few weeks ago. The wrapper he’s playing with is another story that I’ll talk about closer to Christmas. Today, it’s all about pet care in France. Soon after I took

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No autumn in France this year?

Kitten in snow in St Jean de Sixt, France

Just a few weeks ago, I was in sandals and sun dresses, but last weekend, the weather in St Jean de Sixt got very cold. So cold, in fact, that it snowed heavily. Pictured above is a photo I took

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The constants no matter where you live

Moving countries can be a lonely business. If you’re leaving family behind, you need to find a new support network in your new country, and sometimes that’s not easy. Even if family come with you, there might be language and

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Revenge for French stereotypes

Before you study this photo, look at the logo for my blog. A beret-wearing cow with a curly moustache, holding wine and a baguette. It’s missing a bike and a stripy top, but it’s pretty stereotypical of the French. I

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From hot to cold

Coming back a few days ago from the tropical weather of Queensland, Australia, I was pleasantly surprised to see snow falling from the sky on my first morning back. Of course, it’s not winter yet, and it might all melt,

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Blissfully unaware

I was chatting with some friends the other day who said they were in the supermarket when an English song started playing on the overhead radio. It wasn’t just any song: it was Lilly Allen’s F*ck you very much. French

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Annecy, Candide and Bruno

1. Annecy. Last week, Annecy won the national contest to see which French city could bid for the 2018 winter Olympics. Congratulations to everyone involved so far. I’ll keep my fingers crossed until 2010 when the winning city is announced.

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Wendy Hollands writer in Annecy, France

I'm an experienced technical writer based in the French Alps. I enjoy learning French language nuances, winter sports and travel. Drop by wendyhollands.com, my other site.

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