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The fairytale mushrooms actually exist

Red fairytail mushroom

I may come across sound a tad naive here, but that’s okay — it’s part of the fun of exploring the world. Those toadstools that I saw pictures of in fairytale storybooks when I was a kid actually do exist.

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It’s not always about nudity in France

I was lucky enough to spend last weekend in Paris for a wedding, with perfect weather, fantastic company and a radiant couple who we cruised down the Seine with. So why is there a picture of an anatomical man complete

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French Alps and banana plants

Every fancied living in the French Alps? What a high-altitude paradise it is, with all that snow, the furry wildlife, the hot summer sun and crisp summer nights, and the fields of banana plants. Eh? Banana plants? No, they’re not

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

[svgallery name=”2010stjeansnow”] I’m sure you’re aware that Europe has been getting a big dump of snow due to some Siberian winds travelling further south than usual and meeting up with warm, moist Mediterranean air. The result? The photos above.  St

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Corsica: The Bad

Before I visited Corsica, I imagined hot, sunny beaches and perfect snorkelling lagoons with the lush backdrop of mountains. I think it does have all those things, but summer was on its way out by the time I arrived. It

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Corsica: The Good

A quick visit south last week was my last hope for warm days before winter kicks in, so Corsica seemed like a good place to start. Although the island is closer to Italy, it’s under French governance (after various others

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Faux de Verzy – wonky trees

Between guzzling glasses of bubbly last weekend in the Champagne region, I visited the lovely Faux de Verzy – a forest of twisted beech trees that have a really magical quality about them. We visited the forest late in the

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