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French ads, dubbed in French

French TV excels at dubbing over original-language movies in French. Why bother with subtitles when you can talk over world-class actors? But it’s not just the world-class actors who are dubbed. Take this McDonald’s advertisement. It advertises Toy Story DVDs.

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Shopping bargains?

Do you collect stamps at supermarkets? The ones that give you a discount to some big brand name as long as you’ve spent hundreds at the supermarket offering the great deal? I remember my mum collecting stamps for a new

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The French love affair with English words

Did you know that France is the world’s most popular country for tourism? Despite their reputed gruffness, the French population must be doing something right, right? France is a proud nation of people who (sometimes illogically) support regional food and

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The Tipiak ladies scare me

The Tipiak ladies from Brittany

An unnerving advertisement has made its way back onto French TV. It’s the Tipiak ladies from Brittany. Basically, these three old ladies are sitting around chatting in their traditional Brittany outfits (which really look like a lot of effort to

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Dangling the new ski lift carrot

Bossonnet La Clusaz in 2014

After years of rumours and promises, La Clusaz has finally announced its plans for the outdated Bossonnet ski area at the top end of town. In 2012, trees were cut down to make way for a new chairlift, but no

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French Alps and banana plants

Every fancied living in the French Alps? What a high-altitude paradise it is, with all that snow, the furry wildlife, the hot summer sun and crisp summer nights, and the fields of banana plants. Eh? Banana plants? No, they’re not

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The Tour de France effect

The Tour de France races through Manigod, La Clusaz, St Jean de Sixt and ends at Le Grand Bornand later today. I took this photo this morning while the course is being set up. Traffic is only allowed to flow

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Entertainment in La Clusaz

Last week in La Clusaz, this was the scene down at the Champ Guiget area down by the ice rink in La Clusaz. Can you tell what’s happening? Is it a battle of machines against humans? Is there going to

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Has Annecy left the seventies?

One of the things I love about living in the French Alps is the slow pace of life and a feeling of community and security. It sometimes feels like Haute Savoie is stuck in the seventies, with the same shopping

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The firemen of Saint Jean de Sixt

Every December in Saint Jean de Sixt, the local pompiers (firemen and women) knock on the doors of homes all over the village to sell their calendars. Given that these are the people that will save you from a burning

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