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How to party in a small French village

Saint Jean de Sixt partied on Saturday night in the lead-up to the national Fete de la Saint Jean (John the Baptist) on Sunday. Pictured is every kid’s favourite car ride, and this year, it featured a lighting system more

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The party crowd hits Annecy

The 21st of June is a special day in France and other parts of the world. It’s the national day of music – la Fête de la Musique. After much uncertainty about the weather, I headed down to Annecy with

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The new busking trend in Paris

Paris is full of busking pianists. The city of love has changed in lots of little ways since I was last there two years ago. And the most entertaining change is the street buskers with pianos. I saw four in

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Very important French cultural knowledge

You might recognise this song from the first few beats. Keep listening for the big surprise: Yes, everyone’s favourite wedding song, Oh What a Night by The Four Seasons was also a hit in France, but with French words seemingly

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Dave the recycler

Let me introduce you to Dave. Dave was born Wouter Otto Levenbach in the Netherlands, but has remained relatively unknown in his home country despite having a few chart hits in France. One of his first big hits in the

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ANARCHY!! Now, how about a croque monsiuer?

There’s a bar in Annecy which specialises in looking grungy. The toilet walls have been repainted so many times that they’re about an inch thicker and the bar’s walls are plastered with posters of rebellion, such as this Sex Pistols

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Musilac – the Alps-influenced music festival

Musilac music festival was held last weekend in Aix-les-Bains, and the crowd had that lovely festival feeling. The usual weirdness of a festival, such as this rubber chicken on a stick that was waved around near the front of the

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Annual carnival craziness

Last night, La Clusaz held its annual carnival, with groups dressed in 70s disco outfits, cops and prisoners, Star Wars characters, Cleopatras being carried by mummies, various superheros, and even a ladybird. The parade is held early so that kids,

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Fête des Lumières 2010 in Lyon

This year’s Fête des Lumières in Lyon was full of cool stuff and some disappointments too. Held for just four days a year — and often with bitterly cold temperatures (it was about 2°C when I was there on Friday

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Floating bands in Annecy

August is the month of things happening in Annecy. This weekend signals the annual Fete du lac which I wrote about a few years ago, and barely a day goes by when there’s not some sort of activity going on.

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