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The new busking trend in Paris

Paris is full of busking pianists. The city of love has changed in lots of little ways since I was last there two years ago. And the most entertaining change is the street buskers with pianos. I saw four in

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Competition for French roundabouts

The French love their roundabouts, such as this one in Méribel, this one in Saint-Jean-de-Sixt, this big chicken roundabout, and plenty of others too. Who knew there was such competition in neighbouring Italy? I snapped this photo at a roundabout

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Why Chamonix is cool

Lots of people think Chamonix is the bee’s knees when it comes to skiing. I’m not one of them simply because I haven’t skied there enough to decide. However, it’s a pretty amazing place in all seasons. Pictured is the

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Is it filled with chocolate?

That there is a giant Lindt Easter bunny, chained safely to the top of the Täsch train terminal in Switzerland to prevent me from attacking the ears just in case there’s chocolate inside. As you can see by the name

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Italy vs France

Here is a photo of Vernazza, one of the five villages that makes up the Cinque Terre in Italy. I was there last month, walking the paths —  often just some stones raised off the slanting ground to flatten it

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Corsica: The Ugly

Friends warned me about Corsica before I left home, from: “They’ll ignore you in shops if you’re not Corsican,” to the rather extreme: “The locals slash tyres of tourist cars: buy a Corsica sticker and put it near your number

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Corsica: The Bad

Before I visited Corsica, I imagined hot, sunny beaches and perfect snorkelling lagoons with the lush backdrop of mountains. I think it does have all those things, but summer was on its way out by the time I arrived. It

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Corsica: The Good

A quick visit south last week was my last hope for warm days before winter kicks in, so Corsica seemed like a good place to start. Although the island is closer to Italy, it’s under French governance (after various others

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Faux de Verzy – wonky trees

Between guzzling glasses of bubbly last weekend in the Champagne region, I visited the lovely Faux de Verzy – a forest of twisted beech trees that have a really magical quality about them. We visited the forest late in the

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Why champagne is so expensive

I was lucky enough last weekend to get a personal tour of how champagne is made with champagne maker Philippe Chochina (who makes a very tasty drop and swears it’s impossible to have a hangover with well-made champagne), and I

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