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Controversial roundabout in the Aravis

Last year, the big roundabout between Thônes and Alex that links Annecy to La Clusaz and surrounds was merely a steep mound of grass that locals would sometimes drive over the top of for fun. It’s unusual to find a

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Competition for French roundabouts

The French love their roundabouts, such as this one in Méribel, this one in Saint-Jean-de-Sixt, this big chicken roundabout, and plenty of others too. Who knew there was such competition in neighbouring Italy? I snapped this photo at a roundabout

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Stupid but important road signs in France

If you ever drive in France, you need to know this road rule. It’s some weird hangover from the past that sometimes causes confusion at roundabouts and often results in accidents. This yellow diamond with a black strike through it

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Another cool roundabout

Last weekend, I returned to my old home of Méribel in the Savoie region of France for a wedding and discovered a new roundabout. Viewed from behind (as pictured, right), the carved mountaineer is overlooking the Méribel valley with a

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Roundabout surprise

I wrote a little while ago about the demise of the St Jean roundabout, with the shed removed and no more mannequins on display. So what’s that you see pictured above? Yes, the mannequins are back! There’s a couple sitting

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Does France need Krispy Kreme donuts?

Pictured is a Krispy Kreme custard-filled, chocolate hand-dipped donut (halo by me). How on earth does this relate to living in the French Alps? It doesn’t really. I just wanted to find an excuse to talk about these delicious donuts.

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Roundabout shock in France

The title of this post might conjure up images of the usual roundabout shock in France — someone actually using an indicator at some point. However, my roundabout shock a few days ago didn’t relate to cars at roundabouts at

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French ski instructors

Monday was the first day of the French ski instructors’ week-long competition. “ESF” stands for Ecole du Ski Français (French ski school), and their outfit, as seen on the roundabout here in St Jean de Sixt, is red. A friend

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ESF outfits anyone?

Hooray! After months of no action on the St Jean de Sixt roundabout, we finally have some mannequin action! They used to change so regularly, but I think this is the first time this winter that they’ve come out. Where

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The big chicken

Here, you see a big chicken on a roundabout. The big chicken has several significations for me personally. Firstly, let me point out that the name brings back fond memories. We nicknamed a guy The Big Chicken years ago when

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