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Zermatt in summer

I’ve just come back from a quick visit to a friend in Zermatt. What an experience. After an amazing drive through the Alps (including an odd roundabout stuck in the middle of a two-way road, without any other intersecting roads),

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Morbier roundabout

A French reader of my blog sent me these photos of a roundabout where he lives, based on my previous posts about ornate French roundabouts. He said: “April, I thought you’d like to see my local roundabout since you write

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Spring has arrived

Just a few weeks ago, almost a metre of snow sat outside my door here in La Clusaz, and the sunny, south-facing hill behind me was still covered in snow too. As I look outside my door right now, I

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A special roundabout

As I’ve mentioned here and then later on, here, French roundabouts can be quite ornate. So, I had to stop and take some photos of this one, near the West coast of France, which had all sorts of rural scenes

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Road trippin’ to Nice

Last week, I did a quick road trip to Nice, opting for the mountainous roads over the fast, but further-away highways. I left La Clusaz and took the Col des Aravis down to Albertville. It was a mistake: it took

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More on French roundabouts

I’m back from my quick road trip to Nice, and a blog entry with lots of photos of the route will follow soon. But for now, here’s further insight into French roundabouts. During my trip, I passed all sorts of

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French roundabouts

Years after moving to France, I still find French roundabouts intriguing. Why? Because of the crazy drivers? No. The way that two lanes usually go into a single-lane roundabout? No. It’s the style of French roundabouts that I love: they’re

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