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The distraction of La Balme and constant snowfall

I took this photo just a few days ago, with fresh, powdery snow covering all of La Clusaz. With so few tourists in the resort at this time of year, it took longer than usual for La Balme and the

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The pros and cons of end-of-season skiing

Pictured is how La Balme looked yesterday at around midday. You can see untracked powder and just one guy – my visiting friend – on the entire slope. There are a couple of people on the chairlift, but it was

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The homecoming in La Clusaz for Candide Thovex

If you look hard enough at this photo, you’ll see someone in yellow ski pants climbing what appears to be a concave piece of cliff to the top of Le Croix (“The Cross”) up at La Balme in La Clusaz.

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Entertainment in La Clusaz

Last week in La Clusaz, this was the scene down at the Champ Guiget area down by the ice rink in La Clusaz. Can you tell what’s happening? Is it a battle of machines against humans? Is there going to

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Snow kills table tennis tables

Hidden under that pile of snow is the outdoor ping pong table in the village of Saint Jean de Sixt. I took this photo back in January, and we’ve had even more snow since then. There’s no point taking a

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How to upset a La Clusaz employee

This is the third and final post about how to annoy the locals merely by celebrating a birthday. After causing frowns for asking for a drink in a bar in Croix Fry, then paying far too much for terrible service

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Public service in Annecy and La Clusaz

Public services in France, like most countries, vary in quality and accessibility. This advertisement in Annecy displays the faces of local public servants — lovely smiling faces, like Sebastien’s, above. Just last week, I had a positive experience at the

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St Jean de Sixt looks like February

Pictured is the Saint Jean de Sixt roundabout and the back of the Beauregard peak of La Clusaz in the background, as well as a truck being filled with snow to dump in the river. Yes, there’s been so much

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Driving in Saint Jean de Sixt

With snow on the ground here in Saint Jean de Sixt, and the partial opening of La Clusaz happening this weekend, the locals are happy. The man driving this car was particularly happy when he arrived home and parked his

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Snow in Annecy in September

Yesterday, there was snow in Annecy, and it was 27°. Okay, it was man-made snow, but the kids didn’t know the difference. The snow was there as part of the weekend’s Reels Festival (winter sports movies at the Decavision cinema

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