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Haggling in your second language

I recently came back from a week in Morocco, where I was able to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the cities. French is the second language in Morocco — a country where the locals are comfortable speaking many different

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Does absence make the heart grow fonder of France?

I’m back in St Jean de Sixt now after a month away from France. Visiting Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria and Greece, I planned ahead to fit in as much action and relaxation time as possible. I expected I would look

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Fancy a door pudding?

Flicking through a catalogue the other day, I spotted these door puddings! Okay, they’re draft stoppers, but the description says “boudin de porte” which translates to “door pudding”. In France, draft stoppers are indeed called door puddings. If only the

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Le Farto fromagerie in Thones

Continuing on from other great French terms and business names that don’t translate well in English, such as Milk et Bousse (manure) dairy farm, Shag Café and Lad’s (sic) Services of La Clusaz, pictured is Le Farto fromagerie in Thônes.

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When conversational French isn’t good enough

The other day in Annecy, I was sitting by the lake and watching some ducks. I was also watching three boys wading through the shallow water throwing something at the ducks. At first, I thought it was food. They were

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Dave the recycler

Let me introduce you to Dave. Dave was born Wouter Otto Levenbach in the Netherlands, but has remained relatively unknown in his home country despite having a few chart hits in France. One of his first big hits in the

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Do you have the French fry?

Watching French television the other night, a woman wore a t-shirt that said: 40 balais, la frite This directly translates to “forty brooms, the chip”. Any idea what that means? It sounds as though it’s related to a long session

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A baby aperitif anyone?

Some of you may remember the French menu translated into English that included salad of goat, greedy coffee and a stove of Saint Jacques. That menu was easy to giggle about — although perhaps the ‘rib steak of the butcher’

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When translation goes wrong

If you can shed any light on some of these dishes, I’d be grateful. I started off looking at the “Salad and Starters” section. “Salad of goat” takes the number one spot on the menu. I’m picturing a goat’s head

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