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Buy a French ski resort!

I heard on the radio this morning that a ski resort has been put up for sale in popular French ebay-style site, Le Bon Coin. Sure enough, you can buy an entire ski resort for just €550,000, complete with three

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Competition for French roundabouts

The French love their roundabouts, such as this one in Méribel, this one in Saint-Jean-de-Sixt, this big chicken roundabout, and plenty of others too. Who knew there was such competition in neighbouring Italy? I snapped this photo at a roundabout

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Alternatives to downhill winter sports #3

Following on from alternatives #1 and #2 (cross-country skiing and snowshoeing), today I look at the ski ‘resort’ of St Jean de Sixt. “How is that an alternative to downhill winter sports?”, you may ask. It’s a fine line, but

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Bored with Tignes

I’ve written about Tignes a few times. It’s a handy place to go for some summer skiing when desperation for the white stuff kicks in. I spent four days there last week for a pre-season ski test and I think

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French ski instructors

Monday was the first day of the French ski instructors’ week-long competition. “ESF” stands for Ecole du Ski Français (French ski school), and their outfit, as seen on the roundabout here in St Jean de Sixt, is red. A friend

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ESF outfits anyone?

Hooray! After months of no action on the St Jean de Sixt roundabout, we finally have some mannequin action! They used to change so regularly, but I think this is the first time this winter that they’ve come out. Where

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Integrating with the French

A blog reader, Carmen, got in touch with me a while back with a great question which I’ve been meaning to blog about ever since. She asked about the integration between the French and the British, as she’s noticed that

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